Congratulations!! You are a Very Vintage Vendor!! 

We are so very excited to have you as a vendor in our Very Vintage Spring Market on November 3rd, 2018! 


You can pay for your vendor space by using the link below:


You can also pay over the phone by credit card, by calling 281-333-1860.


Please note, your space is NOT reserved until we have payment.  Spaces fill up quickly, so please pay to reserve your spot as soon as possible! 


Also, if you are new to the very vintage market, you must have the notarized waiver to us no later than October 20th. You are welcome to scan the notarized document and email it to us.  Click the link to download the waiver: WAIVER FOR VERY VINTAGE MARKET 

You can take it to any bank (including Texas Citizens on the corner of Nasa Rd. 1 and Saturn Ln. near our shop) to have it notarized.


Below are some guidelines to follow during our market. We will send these again as the market date draws near, along with your assigned vendor number and vendor space map. 


Market hours are 9am to 5pm.


Please make sure that you bring enough small bills with you. We will not have enough in the store to make change.



You will need to drive around the back of the shopping center. There is access at either end of the building, past Erma’s Nutrition Center and on the other end, near the Dollar Store. We will be back there to check you in and give you any further instructions. 



Begins at 7:30am. If you need to arrive any earlier, please contct us prior to Friday evening to make arrangements. If we do not hear from you, we will assume you will arrive at 7:30. Booths need to be ready and open for business at 9am.


Loading and Unloading:

Space is tight. Please unload your items as quickly as possible and then exit the vendor area and park in the large parking lot in the front of the center. You can then return to set-up and arrange your space. 


During operating hours all booths must be attended. We will be walking around throughout the day to check on everyone so if you need a restroom break, we will be happy to watch your booth for you. 


Break Down:

We realize it gets dark early. If the customer traffic has slowed down, you may start packing up some of your booth and loading it to your vehicle (which MUST remain parked in the big lot until the market has closed). As with setup, we ask that you PLEASE be mindful of your fellow vendors. We know that everyone will be wanting to load up and head home, but with 50+ vendors and tight space, please use caution and patience.


Trash removal:

Vendors are responsible for removing their own trash and taking it to designated collection sites. Please bring large trash bags with you.



We will have coffee and water available inside the store. There will also be porta-potties set up in the market area, as well as a restroom inside the store.



Thank you so much and we look forward to seeing you at our Very Vintage Spring Market!! 

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