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Want to be a Vintage Revival Vendor? 


We appreciate your interest in becoming a potential vendor/seller at Vintage Revival! 


Whichever option you choose, first and last month’s rent must be paid upfront, and your inventory must be approved by Vintage Revival. All items must be clean, free of dust, and in good repair.  No chipped, plates or stained linens, etc.


Scroll down for more information on our Vendor Options.


Small Shop Vendors pay a monthly fee to have access to a particular square foot area they are responsible for maintaining. Vintage Revival reserves final design rights, and may adjust placement of items in your area at any time, as needed and required. Rent plus 12% mall fee. 

3 x 3 - $150 per month


Click Here for Our Small Shop Vendor Application


Consignment Vendors pay no monthly fee, but are limited to only 5 approved items for sale at any given time. Items must retail for no less than $25.00 per item.  Furniture and décor only.  No smalls or jewelry. Split is 50/50. 


Click here for our consignment agreement